The best safety shoes: comparison of 8 standards and different brands

The best comparison guide for safety shoes

Do you want to buy high quality safety footwear? Because foot safety is at risk, decisions should not be made lightly. The choice should depend on your job and needs. In this article we offer you a comparison of the safety footwear models that have caught our attention as well important points to consider when choosing.

Would you like to protect yourself from bumps, cuts or the cold? Follow the instructions!

The best safety shoes: 8 points to consider

How do you ensure that the new safety footwear is fully suitable for your activity and operating environment? It is best to consider these various critical criteria in making a wise choice.

  1. Your protection needs

There are different types of safety shoes, the safety of which depends more or less on your protection needs; if you work in a construction company, in a hospital or in an external maintenance, your protection requirements will be different.

If you have to work in the kitchen, shoes should protect you from falls, sharp objects and thermal protrusions; in the hospital environment, they must protect you from biological risks.

You can also look for safety shoes that are suitable for chemical, electrical or mechanical hazards, they are more or less resistant to corrosion and perforation ... it all depends on your needs!

Please note that there are low-top shoes, high-top shoes, and even boots or clogs.

  1. Your work environment

Do you have to work outdoors? Or is it indoors? This is also a crucial point when choosing the ideal safety footwear, climatic conditions can include particularly hot environments or even working in mud, snow, rain or particularly cold environments.

Depending on the environment, you can choose shoes that are more or less heat, cold or moisture resistant - variety, suitable for everyone!

  1. Shoes that don't hinder your exercise

Of course, safety shoes should accompany you to training. If you have to stand all day or have to wear certain clothes, the shoes should be able to adapt and not make the day's work difficult.

If you have to work in certain positions (e.g. kneeling), the safety shoes available must provide you with suitable additional reinforcement.

In the case of comfortable shoes, also take into account the highlights and the materials used for their design!

  1. The composition of the shoes

What are the ingredients of the safety shoes you are interested in? In some industries, the composition of the sole plays a crucial role in avoiding dark stains and protecting the feet without damaging the company floor.

In addition, these materials give the shoes more or less breathability, which is the key to ensuring comfort. You also need to consider allergies and choose materials that respect the environment, which is becoming increasingly important today. Choosing quality materials can increase the lifespan Lengthen your shoes if you sometimes wear shoes quickly.

  1. Meet security standards

Safety boots are subject to many safety standards, and if you are new to them, you need to check and see if they have the ideal equipment, and while the names of these standards are daunting, you will be able to find a lot of information about them.

In the case of safety shoes, for example, this can prevent you from being crushed and provide a high level of protection. Therefore, the EN 20 235 standard can relate to the shoes you need.

All manufacturers of safety shoes must adhere to and mention these standards.

  1. The price for safety shoes

Protection has its price, so are great brands! However, your budget may be tight or you want to find a low cost alternative.

While we understand this approach, keep in mind that high quality footwear (that may give you the security you need) may require investment; after all, that has a lot to do with your security.

  1. Light and comfortable

These points connect the freedom of your movements, which we talked to you about earlier, light shoes can accompany you throughout the day without weighing down your travels, for a safe and risk-free walk.

Comfort is key too, and to make sure your safety shoes won't injure your feet it is important to try them on! This is also a great way to ensure that the size you choose is the size you want.

  1. In terms of style

Even when it comes to safety shoes, the style aspect can be a point that is important to you in your selection; between two shoes of equal value in terms of safety, composition and comfort, your style can help you decide between them.

Please note that safety shoes today take aesthetics into account and look more comfortable than they did a few years ago. A multitude of colors that you can choose to adapt them to your clothing and needs. If this is important to you, use more modern models!

Which safety shoes should you choose? 4 brands tested.

Now that you have considered these different standards, it is time to choose from the various brands of safety footwear available; there are many shoes among them and it is not always easy to compare models in order to choose the shoes that you absolutely need .

To be precise, we're here to help by offering you a comparison of these four different brands and their flagship models. You decide which pair you want to choose!

  1. Gearcove safety shoes

Gearcove is a brand of safety footwear that specializes in the production of lightweight and comfortable shoes that meet current standards, withstand great hazards and are made from high quality materials.

Designed for home and professional use, these shoes can even improve your daily performance! The brand's indestructible shoes can withstand the impact of heavy objects (up to 200 joules), with the steel protective case they can also help you avoid piercing.

The same goes for shoe soles made of Kevlar fibers, which are also suitable for outdoor use. They are flexible, light ... What more could you ask for? In our opinion, these are the most interesting safety shoes.

  1. Caterpillar Holton St shoes

You should be familiar with these safety shoes, as they often reflect our impression of traditional safety shoes. They are also widely used in many industries and for one clear reason: They are particularly durable. The Holton St model consists of safety boots for men. They can withstand a weight of 200 joules, benefit from non-slip soles and are best able to support the ankle.

However, they are not the lightest and not as flexible and breathable as the models from the Gearcove brand that have just been presented.

  1. Diadora brand

The Diadora brand is also known for safety shoes, one of its flagship models is Glove II Low S1P HRO, these shoes are heat-resistant, puncture-proof and can withstand a weight of 200 joules, they are comfortable, practical and comforting, but we recommend the Gearcove brand more, she is lighter!

  1. Puma is running

Puma Running S1P SRA HRO safety shoes have a non-slip and reinforced sole to avoid mishaps. They are lighter than Caterpillar and have extremely high heat resistance. These shoes benefit from maximum ventilation, are comfortable to wear and can adapt to many needs in your work environment We have also found that Lockfeet is still lighter and they also benefit from aesthetic benefits. We have also found that Lockfeet is still lighter and their appearance is more beautiful.


The best safety shoes for you will depend on your activity and several criteria that are important for notification.

Which pair of safety shoes would you choose?

You need to consider your needs and standards and choose the most suitable brand and model.