Gearcove S3 Ultralight, breathable, anti-smash and anti-puncture protective shoes

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  • It's very light and comfortable and can be used for everyday and outdoor activities such as hiking, hunting and camping!
  • They are built with the toughest materials on the planet to withstand any type of damage.
  • Even nails cannot pierce the shoe. You don't have to worry about your feet sweating either because the shoes are breathable!
  • Made with an anti-slip sole with anti-smash functions, the shoe guarantees that your feet are safe in all circumstances when you put them on

    👟 Material

    Because they look like normal running shoes and are extremely light and comfortable, they can be used for everyday as well as outdoor activities such as hiking, hunting and camping! For only $60.99, your feet are finally protected against possible mishaps!

     Size: We suggest you choose your usual size
    Mixed shoes: suitable for both men and women

    👟 NOTE :

    • Please refer to the size chart for the size so as not to cause unnecessary problems for you.
    • Due to monitor settings and monitor pixel definitions, there may be slight differences in the actual color of the product.

      Tip : In order to reduce shipping cost, give you the best price, our shoes do not have a shoe box, thanks for your understanding.


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